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The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recently announced its 2018 Green Power Leadership Awards, recognizing 10 organizations for “their efforts in advancing the nation’s voluntary green power markets.” The list is mostly compromised of major corporations but also includes two NACUBO member institutions:

  • Michigan State University, which has the largest solar photovoltaic in the U.S. with over 17 million kilowatt hours via a long-term power purchase agreement. This is equivalent to the annual electrical use of nearly 2,000 average American homes. Additionally, it operates an anaerobic digestion system that takes dairy farm and dining hall food waste and turns it into renewable energy.
  • University of California, which voluntarily increased its use of green power by 40 percent system-wide, completed 12 new on-site solar projects, and has photovoltaic systems at each of its nine campuses generating more than 40 million kilowatt hours. The UC system also created the goal to achieve carbon neutrality by 2025 with clean energy, waste, and water; no buildings after June 2019 constructed using fossil fuel combustion; zero waste; and sustainable procurement.

Both institutions placed in the Direct Product Engagement category, which recognizes organizations “that distinguish themselves through direct project engagement with on- and off-site projects using a variety of financing structures to access renewable energy certificate (REC)-based green power,” according to the EPA. Other honorees include T-Mobile US, Inc, and The Proctor & Gamble Company.


Sally Grans Korsh

Director, Facilities Management and Environmental Policy


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