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lnstitutions participating in the Department of Education’s student financial aid programs are required to file eight separate reports to the National Center for Education Statistics over the school year. Institutions failing to complete all the surveys are subject to potential fines and loss of eligibility in the Title IV programs. Non-respondents to the most recent Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System (IPEDS) collection nearly doubled over the prior year. Each institution will be examined by the Office of Student Financial Assistance to determine its level of compliance with all Title IV requirements. Unless an error is uncovered, the institution’s information will be forwarded to the Office of the Inspector General for adjudication.

Non-responding institutions to at least one survey during 2002-03 include:

  • 4-year institutions—9 publics, 58 not-for-profits, and 16 for-profits;
  • 2-year institutions—27 publics, 37 not-for-profits, and 65 for-profits; and
  • <2-year institutions—28 publics, 19 not-for-profits, and 199 for-profits.

Once each of the surveys is closed, institutions may not file their data until the same survey is opened the following year, according to IPEDS director, Susan Broyles. Non-respondents to the 2002-03 surveys will be able to add their data only when the same survey is open in 2003-04, but this action will in no way ameliorate their non-respondent status for the prior year (i.e. the institution will remain liable for any fines imposed for the 2002-03 reporting year.)

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