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The Excellence in Sustainability Award recognizes institutions that have demonstrated excellence and innovation in a specific process, innovation, or program that embraces the full range of sustainability leadership; financial, facilities, operational, environmental, community, and climate.


Carleton College

Carleton College in Minnesota is transforming the energy profile of its campus with its Utility Master Plan. Through initiatives including the transition of its 100-year-old steam system to hot water heating from a centralized ground source geothermal heat pump system, the college anticipates a 40-percent reduction in central plant energy use and a sizeable reduction in carbon emissions, among other benefits.


Swarthmore College

Swarthmore College in Pennsylvania is a pioneer in carbon pricing, with a goal of achieving carbon neutrality by 2035. Its Carbon Charge Program creates an internal price on carbon emissions, which generates about $340,000 a year for Swarthmore’s Green Revolving Loan Fund, as well as campus utility planning, renewable energy, metering upgrades, and educational programming.



University of California–Los Angeles

 University of California, Los Angeles partners with Los Angeles County for the Sustainable L.A. Grand Challenge, which aims for 100 percent renewable energy, 100 percent locally sourced water, and enhanced ecosystem health throughout the community by 2050.


University of Minnesota–Morris

University of Minnesota, Morris is transforming its rural area with clean energy initiatives both on campus and in its community. The institution is powered by 70 percent renewable energy and is home to LEED Gold buildings, twin wind turbines, a compost system that takes waste from the community’s public K–12 schools, and more.


University of Texas–Arlington

University of Texas at Arlington is leading myriad sustainability efforts across land, water, air, and energy. The institution is home to a 2.6 acre park, hosts the annual North Texas Regional Water Conservation Symposium, and partners with Air North Texas to reduce ozone pollution in the region, among other initiatives.

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