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International Resource CenterThe International Resource Center is a resource for colleges and universities engaged in international activities, and provides a framework for the key areas that institutions need to be aware of when conducting activities abroad. Examples include: collaborating with a foreign institution, establishing an office in another country, how to pay independent contractors in a foreign country, or sending students to a foreign location to name a few. The content on the site is also organized by functional areas, such as Compliance, Finance, Foreign Operations, Human Resources, Legal, and Risk Management.

Key Features

Home Campus: This area is dedicated to sharing common practices used by colleges & universities to support international activities on the home campus, recognizing that institutions are at varying stages of development. The intent is to provide readers with a high-level understanding of the infrastructure necessary on a home campus when engaging in these activities.

Country Profiles: The IRC contains profiles on over 30 countries and provides background information as well as guidance on Banking, Business Etiquette, Embassy Locations and Registration, Employment (Legal Requirements) Entry and Exit Requirements, Intellectual Property, Legal Registration of a Business Entity, Safety and Crime and Taxes.

Resources & Tools: The site contains helpful outside links (i.e. State Department, other Federal Agencies, organizations and travel-related sites). The IRC also has sample templates, tools, white papers, presentations, and articles that have been contributed by colleges & universities and higher education associations. NACUBO plans to further develop this area so that there is a myriad of resources and encourages users to submit additional content (contact information is below).

IRC Discussion Group: A key benefit of the IRC is giving institutions the ability to share ideas, experiences and questions with one another. A way to do this is by joining the IRC Discussion Group. It is an open group which links from the IRC to the NACUBO Discussion group page.

IRC-Related Webcasts: These previously recorded webcasts are available for viewing through NACUBO's distance learning pages. You must create a (complimentary) My NACUBO account to register. Please follow the instructions to test your system for optimal viewing.

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