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The Service to NACUBO Award recognizes outstanding individual contributions to NACUBO professional development programs and publications. While we are not currently accepting nominations for this award, you can view the award criteria and nomination requirements here.

This award is supported in part by a generous sponsorship from Huron Consulting.

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Archibald Asawa

Arch Asawa, Soka University of America 

Archibald “Arch” Asawa, vice president for finance and administration and chief financial officer at Soka University of America, received the 2022 Service to NACUBO Award. Asawa is a member of the NACUBO board of directors and a past board member and president of the Western Association of College and University Business Officers (WACUBO). He has lent his expertise to the NACUBO Fellows and New Business Officers Programs, among others, as well as to NACUBO content programming.




Dawn Rhodes, University of Maryland, Baltimore

Dawn Rhodes, senior vice president and chief business and finance officer at the University of Maryland, Baltimore, received the 2021 Service to NACUBO Award for her extensive contributions to the association’s professional development programs and publications. Rhodes has served on the NACUBO board and is active in the association’s professional development programs, including the NACUBO Fellows Program and Future Business Officers Program, and on the NACUBO Advisory Group on Leadership Diversity’s Committee on Leaders of Color.



Maeesha Merchant 

Maeesha Merchant, California Institute of the Arts

Maeesha Merchant, senior vice president, finance and operations, chief financial officer, and chief innovation officer at the California Institute of the Arts, has received the 2020 Service to NACUBO Award for her outstanding contributions to the association’s professional development programs. Merchant, who joined Cal Arts in 2017 and soon after participated in NACUBO’s New Business Officers (NBO) Program, has already served on NACUBO’s New Business Officers Alumni Panel, mentoring program, and program committees for the annual meeting and the Endowment and Debt Management Forum, where she also presented.

Merchant also has shared her expertise on the NACUBO in Brief podcast and in forthcoming microlearning offerings, and she serves on NACUBO’s new Advisory Group on Leadership Diversity.



Edward Kania

Edward A. Kania - Rollins College

Edward A. Kania, vice president of business and finance and treasurer at Rollins College (FL), received the Service to NACUBO Award for his numerous contributions to the association, including as a faculty member for the Future Business Officers Program and as a peer mentor for new business officers. He is a past member of the NACUBO Small Constituents Council and also is active in regional affiliates, serving as a past chair of EACUBO’s Small College Committee and a member of SACUBO’s Small Institutions Constituent Committee. Kania also has participated in NACUBO events, podcasts, and publications



Corey Bradford

Corey S. Bradford - Prairie View A&M University

Corey S. Bradford Sr., senior vice president of business affairs at Prairie View A&M University (TX), received the Service to NACUBO Award for his numerous contributions to the association, including as a faculty member for the Future Business Officers Program and on the advisory committee for the 2016 National Profile of Higher Education Chief Business Officers. Bradford also has participated on the Comprehensive and Doctoral Institutions Council, and he conceptualized the Business of the University Conference, which his institution hosts in conjunction with NACUBO and its southern affiliate, SACUBO.

Listen to Corey Bradford’s CBO Speaks podcast, where he shares insights on growing into financial leadership, campus grown and deep mission-level investment in the broader civic community economic development.



Brontè Burleigh-Jones - Dickinson College


Charles Tegen - Clemson University


Cynthia Teniente-Matson - Texas A&M University, San Antonio


Ruth Johnston - University of Washington


Dennis W. Reedy - Indiana University


Award not presented


Award not presented


David R. Glezerman - Temple University