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NACUBO invites you to design and conduct an informative webcast that highlights solutions relevant to our members. These NACUBO Partner Webcasts address key challenges faced by colleges and universities today or feature a client-centered approach to solutions designed to solve pressing campus needs. Take advantage of this opportunity to talk about successful implementations, share your perspective on emerging trends, and contribute to the development of best practices within higher education.

Your event is presented free to NACUBO’s members (non-members may be charged a registration fee). A sponsor must be a current NACUBO business partner member to participate. NACUBO encourages, but does not require, the inclusion of an institutional speaker during the webcast. We have found that our college and university members want to hear directly from peers about how they’ve addressed problems and identified solutions.

Partner Benefits:

  • Ability to design all content for the session
  • Ability to co-brand with NACUBO and market the event to your clients
  • Access to registration list
  • On-screen recognition during webcast, as well as in the NACUBO website archives (all recorded sessions are hosted for 12 months)
  • Opportunity to:
    • Add related materials and links to a Resources tab within the webcast viewer
    • Show a brief video promo in the lobby area before the session starts, and the video may also be included in the Resources section of the platform
    • Include a related White Paper, based on the webcast topic, in the Resources tab, as well as on NACUBO’s Solutions Exchange for 12 months

 Partner Responsibilities:

  • Determines topic / content / length (30-, 45-, 60- or 75-minutes)
  • Secures speakers
  • Selects date and time from a list of available options

 NACUBO Responsibilities:

  • Assigns a content expert who may work with the partner to offer the most attractive experience for our members, including a presenter walk-though, if desired
  • Sets up event webpage and online registration, managing event registrations
  • Promotes the event to relevant groups through all appropriate NACUBO marketing channels
  • Produces the event on our platform
  • Post-event, makes webcast recording available on NACUBO website and markets on-demand webcast and White Paper to our members
  • Sends registration list and link recording within 10 days of webcast
Contact us today for more information, including date availability. 


LaTosha McNeal

Senior Director, Business Development


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