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Make an impact on higher education executives: Support NACUBO programs, products, or services. NACUBO offers many ways to align your corporate identity with NACUBO's offerings, placing you in front of our influential audience, while at the same time supporting the association's overall efforts that benefit colleges and universities.

Audiences include members of colleges and universities at small, medium, and large institutions, both public and private, throughout the United States. Educational sessions directly enhance the technical, managerial, and leadership abilities of thousands of participants. In addition, tens of thousands of NACUBO publications reach the hands of professionals each year, on a variety of topics, such as tax, accounting, and analytics. Help NACUBO ensure that these opportunities continue to reach these audiences.

Support Opportunities

  • Publications
    • NACUBO Current - Weekly e-newsletter, now reaching almost 40,000 subscribers NEW - 3rd position available!
    • Accounting and Tax Quarterly e-Newsletter - Launched September 2020, next date in January 2021 NEW!

Sponsors will receive acknowledgment of their support in promotional materials and other appropriate media. In order to underwrite most NACUBO opportunities, a company must be a current business partner member of the association.


LaTosha McNeal

Senior Director, Business Development


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