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Student Success Planning Grant - Ascendium Education Group

In fall of 2020, NACUBO was awarded a one year $1.1 million planning grant from Ascendium Education Group. This funding supported research and subsequent development of an infrastructure to support multi-institution projects to improve student outcomes at colleges and universities that serve at least 40% Pell eligible students. The information below is archival content related to this successfully completed planning grant.

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Potential Priorities Identified

  • Developing financial models, tools, and training materials that support prioritization and investment in initiatives designed to improve equity and student outcomes.
  • Enhancing existing tools and training resources that link analytics-related activities to improved equity and student outcomes.
  • Identifying and creating efficiencies that materially reduce barriers and complexities facing students as they move through key business office areas in the institution.


Featured Institutions

NACUBO brought together two cabinet-level leaders from 40 higher education institutions and 14 HUB leaders from different schools, representing a total of 30 states, to help identify potential priorities that could be part of ongoing grant-funded activities. The Chief Business Officers/Chief Financial Officers (CBOs/CFOs) and their peer senior leaders who oversee equity, success, and completion activities discussed opportunities on how to improve student outcomes as well as support a positive return on investment (ROI).

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HUB Leaders

As a result of the Ascendium Education Group grant, 14 HUB leaders were chosen to form an advisory group to help play a key role in creating financial higher education business models that look to reduce the barriers to student success.

The 14 HUB leaders work at institutions that enroll at least 40% Pell-eligible students and represent 12 states across the country.

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