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Innovation Inside: Empowering Our People to Transform Our Institutions

June 24, 2021 | 1–1:45 pm ET

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When people talk about making changes to higher education, a deep understanding of the needs of students can help to shape, prioritize, and fuel institutional transformation. Join us for a discussion with Dr. Robin DeRosa, a leader in Open Education Resources (OER), who will share how her work with colleagues—staff and faculty—better supports and improves outcomes for students.

Dr. DeRosa will present learning outcomes about ‘real college students’, and how growing awareness of the needs of students continues to shape programs and instruction. As an advocate for tapping into the knowledge and creativity that staff bring to the table, Dr. DeRosa will talk about the approach to change. Instead of chasing quick-fix solutions, attendees will be encouraged to imagine what can happen when faculty, students, and staff collaborate across all divisions to transform ways of working with students.

Participants will hear a vision of innovation that is student-centered, sustainable, and powered by people who work and learn in colleges and universities, supported by practical examples that inspire innovation that leads to more equitable student outcomes.

Learn more about NACUBO’s commitment to diversity and inclusion resources as we work to build knowledge and foster the innovation needed to help institutions thrive.

This webcast is part of a series supported by the Ascendium Higher Education grant.

Webcast Diversity and Inclusion

Meet The Presenters

  • Robin DeRosa, director, CoLab, Open Learning and Teaching Collaborative, Plymouth State University


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