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Digital Transformation Insights From College and University Chief Business Officers

Partner Webcast | October 5, 2021 | 1–2 pm ET

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Digital Transformation Butterfly and Light Bulb

College and university chief business officers (CBOs) play a central role balancing the needs of the institution and its available resources, while determining how to maximize its revenue streams, reduce expenses and increase efficiencies. At the same time, CBOs must position the institution to move in necessary new directions. In this session, CBOs share their perspectives and approaches for bringing digital transformation (Dx) priorities forward for institution operations and academic delivery. Attendees will leave the session equipped to have conversations with their IT leadership about Dx by learning.

Join the conversation to learn more about –

  • Practical approaches for modernizing and securing their institution’s digital infrastructure
  • Benefits of creating centralized data stores so they can turn data into wisdom
  • Innovations to transform the student experience, and empower their researchers and accelerate research

This Partner Webcast is created by Amazon Web Services (AWS) and offered free for all thanks to their generous support.

This webcast and webcast materials (the “webcast”) are provided for general informational purposes only. The views expressed in the webcast are those of the webcast sponsor and/or individual speakers and not NACUBO. NACUBO does not necessarily endorse any information, views, products, or services discussed in the webcast.


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