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COVID-19 Virus

NACUBO Consulting is here to help you navigate your short- or long-term needs as the pandemic creates unanticipated challenges for our institutions.

Our goal is to ensure schools thrive at the end of these difficult times—and beyond. Three areas where we can jump in and help today are—

*New Service*
Consultants On-Demand

Seasoned higher education experts can pitch in by the day, half day, or by the hour. Consultants are experienced in modeling debt ratios, cash flows, liquidity, bond covenants, endowments, budget forecasting, enrollment, updated business continuity plans, and more. They can also help you answer questions about furloughs, lay-offs, or incentive retirement plans.

Managing Change in a Quickly Evolving Environment

Are you having a hard time leading the many different work groups needed to keep your institution moving forward? Let us take on some of the work as you move through this crisis.

Budget Forecasting and Scenario Modeling

Many institutions will need to rethink their budget models or financial forecasts for FY21. We can work hand-in-hand with your team to create and evaluate scenario plans and implement strategies to support revenue growth and monitor spending.

We are offering members our most affordable rates to support you during these tough times.

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Jim Hundrieser

Vice President, Consulting and Business Development

(202) 861-2539

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