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Fiscal operations for all institutions are growing increasingly complex. Boards and presidents must be strong fiscal stewards of their institution. While many members manage to metrics, NACUBO Consulting provides presidents and boards with customized supports to assess financial operations, analyze budgets and projection models, review operational area, and evaluate needs.


Service areas include:

  • Assess current fiscal management (budgets, debt, rating, endowments, bonds)
  • Conduct need assessments to implement strategic plan priorities
  • Create projection models that understand fiscal realities linking revenues, expenses, and net margins
  • Advanced fiscal literacy specific to your institution’s financial and operational state
  • Coach new president and board leaders about financial models, shared governance, timeline implementation, and growth models
  • Assess current foundation or endowment management operations (Note: We do not provide endowment investment strategy or advice)
  • Complete a needs assessment as a senior finance leader retires or leaves an institution to determine skills needed
  • Facilitate meetings, workshops or retreat to explore finance and operations topics

NACUBO also provides ongoing consulting that moves your institution forward. Topics include change management, project implementation, cultural change, and organizational effectiveness.


Focus Area Example: Organizational Effectiveness

Questions we might ask to enhance operational performance include:



What incentives help or inhibit staff from contributing?

Are staff empowered to develop creative solutions?

How does our institutional culture align or conflict with goals and strategies?

Does our vision conflict with existing organizational culture, impairing success?



Is accountability clear and aligned with responsibilities?

How do you incent behaviors to align with institutional direction?

Are you demanding excellence/productivity?

How is productivity measured?



Is your organization efficiently and effectively organized?

How do your organizational charts relate to industry metrics including enrollment?

Does your structure support your business plan and mission?

Is your organizational structure relevant to current needs? Does it create barriers to improvement?


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