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Whether it is because of the pandemic or looking towards a comprehensive five-year plan, our focus is on maintaining net revenue, taking into account current institutional strategies and tactics, along with the broader trends impacting higher education.

While COVID-19 has changed the landscape, opportunities to maintain capacity and service levels can be found through online learning, partnerships, and articulation agreements. Moreover, every institution will need to adjust its budget; we can help you minimize those cuts that are hard to recover from and determine ways to focus efforts to grow revenues.


Areas of Focus

  • Capacity analysis
  • Areas for collaboration
  • Joint agreements
  • Program growth capabilities


Examples of Our Work

  • Articulation agreements
  • Online program modeling
  • Identification of strategic investment resources
  • Restructuring of net tuition models


Our Experts


Case Example

A special-focus institution needed to identify over $600,000 in improvements to their bottom line within the next two fiscal years. And the situation was becoming urgent: if the school continued to operate at a deficit, it would be in violation of its debt covenants. NACUBO Consulting was brought in to find a combination of cost savings and revenue increases that would resolve this immediate problem and get the institution operating in the black for the first time in three years.

NACUBO Consulting, in coordination with the institution, investigated staffing and evaluated teaching loads against non-teaching activities. The analysis showed that full-time faculty were spending about half their time on non-teaching activities. From an internal perspective, this split seemed necessary, but the NACUBO consultant had seen a successful model at a similar school, where many of these same activities were accomplished by less-expensive professional staff. Reassigning these activities and increasing teaching loads reduced the required number of full-time faculty—which was achievable given the near-retirement status of some faculty and other personnel changes at play. This recommendation, along with other staffing reallocations, resulted in more than half the needed improvement to the bottom line.

The other side of the coin focused on recruitment, as the future of the institution depended on increasing enrollment. It was already using a well-known marketing firm to dial-in the student profile, but it needed to leverage that vendor relationship to get better results. Having experience with that firm and their proprietary tool, the NACUBO consultant was able to identify specific skills gap in the admissions office that was preventing greater results. Additionally, the consultant recommended a position be created that would increase the effectiveness of the vendor relationship and fill a critical marketing need—all in the name of increased enrollment.

The institution has implemented changes to staffing and teaching loads, and it currently hiring for a new position in the admissions office. It is on track to become profitable in less than one year.

Contact Consulting

Jim Hundrieser

Vice President, Consulting and Business Development

(202) 861-2539

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