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David Maddox


“Review and probably revise your work-at-home policy. Also, cull the long-neglected plants in the office.”

David Maddox, NACUBO Consultant and Former COO for the Global Innovation Exchange at the University of Washington

Rick Anderson


“Review your organization post-pandemic to see what positions stay remote, hybrid, or fully in person. This has implications for space, supervision, and other resources.”

Rick Anderson, NACUBO Consultant and executive vice president for finance and administration at the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley

Terri Dautcher


“A standard pandemic protocol should be in place going forward. Unfortunately, we should not assume that this is a one-off occurrence.”

Terri Dautcher, NACUBO Consultant and Former Faculty Member at Plymouth State University

Terry Richards


“Now when developing and projecting five-year enrollment and budget plans, build in an annual reset option and an annual contingency fund evaluation.”

Terry Richards, NACUBO Consultant and Former Vice President of Enrollment Management at Xavier University

Wendy Libby


“Use the pandemic to remind everyone why we must build a reasonably sized contingency into the budget! You never know what the next surprise around the corner will be.”

Wendy Libby, NACUBO Consultant and President Emerita of Stetson University


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