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With NACUBO Live! you can view live broadcasts from workshops and conferences from your home or office. You'll be able to access topics, ask questions, earn credits, and access materials at your convenience. Find the right program today!

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Previous Events Available for On-Demand

Each registration includes, access to all live broadcasts, on-demand recordings, materials, chat rooms, and the ability to earn credits. The option to request captioning for any session is available - please send an email to with your request.


These are single registration events - credits are earned on an individual basis and cannot be transferred.

  • If both you and anyone else want CPE credits then EACH person needs to register and pay the fee separately.
  • If only your supervisor or colleague wants CPEs and you are tasked with registering them, please ensure that you register with EACH persons' My NACUBO account (free to set-up an account).
  • If no one wants CPEs then it doesn’t matter who registers, BUT individuals need to watch together (and not on separate machines at the same time).

If you have questions or concerns please contact

Ready to register? Be sure to test your system.


Tadu Yimam

Senior Director, Online Learning and Publications


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