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Lewis University CBO Carolyn Head Brings Healthcare and Accounting Experience to Face Big Challenges

Carolyn Head serves as senior vice president and CFO at Lewis University. She came to higher education from the practice side of the healthcare field. From there, she landed in operations in a college of medicine and discovered that higher education was her calling. Through the challenges in the field, her infectious optimism helps her and her team to steer through difficult times.

At Lewis, the leadership team has pivoted to focus on their most important programs in graduate education and health sciences. And opportunities ahead? "Adult education! That's one of the areas that's really going and if we can think of innovative ways to attract that population, it would really be good and profitable for our institutions — it's something the country really needs in terms of retraining and additional education ... taking it to the next step."

Join us to hear how Head learned the ropes of higher education and her take on changing demographics and finance facing the University, and the field.


Tadu Yimam

Vice President, Digital Engagement


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