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The Latest from Washington

NACUBO's policy and research staff are constantly monitoring the latest action on Capitol Hill and around Washington. You can find the latest news stories here.

Coronavirus Resources and Advocacy Efforts

Updates on NACUBO's advocacy, relief strategies, and congressional action, as well as information about how your campus can aid in advocacy efforts, are available here. A full list of NACUBO's many coronavirus resources is available on our COVID-19 resource page.

Prepared in Summer 2021, this NACUBO slide deck examines some of the coronavirus related challenges facing post-secondary institutions and students, as well as policies and proposals to aid recovery.

Join the Campaign to #DoublePell

The Pell Grant is a vital tool to help make higher education affordable and accessible, Join the conversation and tell Congress to #DoublePell by filling out this form. You can also share the campaign with this link or by asking friends and colleagues to text "College Pell" to 52886.



State of Higher Education

NACUBO's State of Higher Education Series asks stakeholders to consider some of the higher education sector’s more pressing issues and to take actions to preserve and enhance the value of a postsecondary degree. 

Bold Action Required: How to More Effectively Support Students From Low-Income Backgrounds

The latest edition in the series considers higher education access and opportunities for students from low-income backgrounds. Colleges and universities can serve as engines of social mobility—but, to do so, leaders and policymakers must understand who these students are and what barriers they face. #highered21

Read the Medium article »

Download slides »

Previous State of Higher Education briefs, including slide decks and Medium posts, are available here.

Video Resources

NACUBO partnered with a broad coalition of stakeholder organizations to produce these short, approachable, and highly informative videos on complex topics. NACUBO encourages its members to use and share these videos to explain how these policy areas affect campus operations.

Tax-Exempt Bonds


Facilities and Administrative Rates


Issue Briefs and One-Pagers

The Charitable Giving Coalition released this one-pager on June 25, 2021 to illustrate the importance of the Universal Giving Pandemic Recovery and Relief Act (S. 618, H.R. 1704).

NACUBO supported a one-pager, released in June 2021, describing the Legacy IRA Act of 2021 (S. 243) and a modified version of the legislation which was introduced in the House of Representatives (H.R. 2909).

Navigating Congress and the Administration

Find your Representatives

Use this search function on the official United States House of Representatives website to identify your member of congress. You can find your United States Senators here.

Navigate the Federal Regulatory System

Use this NACUBO curated list of federal resources to better keep tabs on what is happening in Washington and learn how it might affect you and your campus.


Liz Clark

Vice President, Policy and Research



Liz Clark

Vice President, Policy and Research