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Our Brand Story

Since 1962, NACUBO has been an indispensable source of clear, trusted knowledge for campus leaders. We provide a bold voice, collaboration, and resources to tackle higher education’s evolving challenges. Our mission is to help ensure the success of colleges and universities.

As we celebrate 60 years of being a leading authority on higher education business issues, we are launching a new logo and new branding inspired by the critical work we do with members on behalf of higher education.


NACUBO Logo - Standalone Version



Our new logo speaks directly to our work and our Strategic Blueprint. Our colors are a modern take on our old “NACUBO Blue.” The new shade is called “Future Blue,” fitting in this environment of change and innovation. Our new symbol is an abstract take on a bar graph, a direct nod to the business and finance campus leaders that we represent. Tilted on its side, though, the shape becomes reminiscent of a graduation cap and speaks to our history in higher education and our focus on student success.

We also have a new tagline: "The Voice of Higher Education Business and Finance.” Every day we advocate for thousands of college and university professionals and other stakeholders, both on and off campus, who work in higher education business and finance. The tagline speaks to our work to elevate the chief business officer’s strategic impact on campus and promote the value of higher education for students, families, and communities.

Logo Variations


NACUBO Logo - Full Version


NACUBO Logo - Standalone Version

Brand Pillars


NACUBO brings college and university business leaders together to share, learn, and connect.


NACUBO elevates the chief business officer’s strategic impact on campus and promotes the value of higher education for students, families, and communities.


NACUBO empowers business office professionals to develop the skills necessary to lead and adapt on campus.

Join Us as We Look to the Future

Our look and feel may have changed but our mission has not. We are the nation’s premier association for higher education business and finance leaders. There are many ways to engage with us, from volunteering to attending an online program.

Our membership includes a diverse and engaged network of your peers and advocates who are positioning NACUBO to respond to today's needs and prepare for tomorrow's challenges. If you’re not a member, we hope you’ll consider joining us so that you can benefit from strategic and practical support and the innovative solutions your institution needs to thrive.

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