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NACUBO Statement on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Investing in the Power of People

The National Association of College and University Business Officers (NACUBO) values diversity, promotes inclusion, and strives for equity. NACUBO embraces principles and practices that acknowledge value in diversity of race, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, religion, ethnicity, culture, national origin, physical and mental ability, and all the other fascinating characteristics that make us unique. NACUBO’s commitment to diversity and inclusion enables our community of university and college administrators to build knowledge and foster the innovation needed to help their institutions thrive.

Our Association Commitment

NACUBO invests in the power of people in its practices, programs, and relationships by enabling our community of members to develop knowledge and grow their capacity to address principles of diversity, equity, and inclusion. We continually evaluate our practices and policies, examining the extent to which advancing diversity and inclusion and identifying and closing equity gaps, as well as exposing and eliminating racist ideas, are in the fabric of who we are and what we do. Action is a core component of our commitment and is incorporated into each of the areas below. 

  • Leadership. NACUBO’s members and the people they serve represent diverse backgrounds. The students they are preparing for tomorrow’s workforce will be the most diverse in American history. NACUBO’s staff, faculty, board, councils, and other ad hoc advisory committees must strive to reflect the diversity of our nation in membership and in action.
  • Professional Development. NACUBO includes programming focused on principles of diversity, equity, and inclusion at our annual meeting and in other events and projects produced throughout the year. We seek diverse perspectives for our website, as a part of online learning options, in our publications, and across all channels of our communication. 
  • Research. NACUBO’s research considers questions related to issues of diversity, equity, and inclusion. NACUBO regularly studies both college and university revenue sources and how institutions allocate resources. Understanding higher education finance trends by different institution types, such as minority serving institutions or colleges with open access policies, elucidates progress made and efforts needed to support higher education’s diversity, equity, and inclusion goals.
  • Advocacy. As NACUBO advocates on behalf of colleges and universities, we ensure our membership is informed about the implications of policies for our diverse institutional members and the students they serve and consider the consequences those policies have on equity.
  • Demographic Data. NACUBO collects data about the diversity of its membership and uses this information when designing programs to serve its membership, both individuals and institutions, to ensure all members have the opportunity to learn from diverse perspectives and engage in inclusive networking opportunities.

NACUBO's new Strategic Blueprint includes a commitment to developing a sector-wide initiative to strengthen diversity, equity, and inclusion principles in the higher education business community. Below are resources that support this effort that we hope will help you jump-start this ongoing effort.

NACUBO DEI Definitions




Racial Equity in Higher Ed

A part of NACUBO’s 2020 State of Higher Education work, we explore racial disparities among students for access and completion and call for colleges to trust the data, make a commitment, and invest in making a difference.

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NACUBO strives to regularly include content in our conferences that focus on race, gender, and diversity awareness and inclusion. Through a variety of modalities, members can learn, listen, and explore these principles from anywhere.


Advocacy and Research

NACUBO's continues to advocate at the highest levels of government and through its research for diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Advocacy and Research


Learn how campuses are supporting under-resourced groups and addressing workforce recruitment and training, from our award-winning magazine, Business Officer.

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Although there are many definitions of diversity, equity, and inclusion, NACUBO has agreed upon a set that best capture our beliefs.

NACUBO DEI Definitions


Many individuals offered insight and guidance on a broad range of strategies related to diversity and inclusion initiatives, here at NACUBO.