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NCES Data Show Recent Completion Rates, COA and Net Prices

January 11, 2016

The National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) has just released First Look provisional data tables on graduation rates (2006-11, selected cohorts), student financial aid (2013-14), and admissions at postsecondary institutions (Fall 2014). Full provisional data are available via the IPEDS Data Center.

Selected graduation rate findings include that 39.1 percent of all first-time, full-time bachelor’s (or equivalent) degree-seeking students completed a degree within four years where they first enrolled; 59.2 percent completed their degree within six years, and 61.6 percent did so within either years.

Student financial aid data were also collected on undergraduates awarded aid for the 2013-14 academic year. The average 2013-14 cost of attendance at public four-year institutions for first-time, full-time degree-seeking students awarded any grant aid was $19,022. Private nonprofit four-year institution costs averaged $37,260, and private, for-profit four-year institution costs averaged $27,250.

However, average net price for the same students at four-year public institutions was $12,094 with an average of $6,928 in grant and scholarship aid. At private nonprofit institutions, the average net price was $21,402, with average grant and scholarship aid of $15,858. For private for-profit institutions, the average net price was $21,880, with average grant and scholarship aid of $5,370.

For students awarded Title IV aid with family incomes from $0-$30,000, the average net price (with costs of attendance differing slightly between sectors) was $9,602 at public four-year institutions, $17,079 at private nonprofit four-year institutions, and $21,487 at private for-profit four-year institutions.

The complete report is available here.


Ken Redd
Director, Research and Policy Analysis