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IPEDS Releases Statistics on Enrollment and Finance Data for 2001

January 29, 2004

The National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) issued statistical tables based on institutional reporting to the Integrated Postsecondary Data System (IPEDS) during spring 2002 on enrollment data for fall 2001, financial statistics for FY 2001, and financial aid data for the 2000-01 academic year. In fall 2001, 16.6 million students or 86.5 percent of all students enrolled in Title IV institutions in the United States and its outlying areas were engaged in undergraduate programs.

The report provides details on student demographics including sex, ethnicity, age, and related characteristics. It also covers full-time, first-time undergraduates, 70.3 percent of whom were financial aid recipients, compared with 69 percent for the prior year. Students attending private, for-profit, two-year institutions represented the highest proportion among all types of institutions reporting, with 84.3 percent of the students receiving financial aid. At the other end of the scale, only 56.5 percent of students attending public two-year colleges received Title IV assistance. Enrollment at the two types of institutions was 60,375 and 522,892, respectively.

The finance component of IPEDS collects information on the revenues and expenditures of Title IV institutions. In FY01, the greatest source of revenues differed by level and control of institution. Public four-year institutions received nearly one-third of their revenues from government appropriations, while public two-year institutions receive more than half of their revenues from the same source. About one-fifth of revenues for both types of public institutions were derived from tuition and fees.

Independent four-year colleges and universities received 38 percent of their revenues from tuition and fees, while two-year institutions in this group received 53 percent from the same source. Both two-year and four-year for-profit institutions participating in the Title IV programs received more than 87 percent of their revenues from tuition and fees.

To access the report, see the NCES Web site.