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Donations to Colleges and Universities Rise to a Record $37.5 Billion in FY14

February 5, 2015

Total financial gifts to higher education reached a record $37.5 billion in FY14, breaking the previous high of $33.8 billion achieved last year, a Council for Aid to Education survey finds. The amount raised in FY14 represents a 10.8 percent jump over FY13.

The 2014 Voluntary Support of Education (VSE) survey reports detailed information on cash gifts and bequests of stocks, real estate, works of art, and other financial assets donated to higher education institutions. The survey records gifts and contributions from alumni, foundations, corporations, and other groups.

Nearly 30 percent of financial gifts to colleges and universities in FY14 came from foundations, followed by alumni (26 percent) and non-alumni (17 percent). However, the percentage of alumni who gave to their alma maters declined to 8.3 percent in FY14 when compared with 8.7 percent in FY13. Despite the dip, the amount donated by alumni increased 9.4 percent.

While many institutions reported increased donations, the vast majority of the total amount raised went to a small share of schools. Collectively, the 20 colleges and universities that raised the most funds reported raising more than $10 billion—or just under 29 percent of the total for all schools in the VSE survey.


Ken Redd
Director, Research and Policy Analysis