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Campus Events Remain Most Effective Recruitment Tool

December 11, 2013

According to a recently released Noel Levitz report, 2013 Marketing and Student Recruitment Practices Benchmark Report for Four-Year and Two-Year Institutions, getting perspective students to attend a campus event, such as an open house or special visiting day for high school students, ranks as the most effective recruitment strategy among both private and public four-year institutions. Two-year institutions also identify campus events as a top strategy, although not as important as encouraging prospective students to apply on the admissions website or offering academic programs within high schools for students to earn credit at their community college.

The least used—and least effective—recruitment practices for all types of institutions are online college fairs, mailing course schedules to residents in the area, and online net price calculators. Two-year public institutions report their least effective strategy is targeting students with high academic ability. Four-year private and public institutions, as well as two-year public schools, report cookie-driven “retargeting” ads that target users who’ve previously visited their website as their least-used recruiting strategy.

The 2013 Marketing and Student Recruitment Practices Benchmark Report covers other recruitment topics and includes an appendix with detailed tables by institution type. The report can be downloaded for free from Noel-Levitz’s site.


Natalie Pullaro Davis
Manager, Research and Policy Analysis