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2009 Tuition Discounting Survey Now Underway

October 6, 2009

NACUBO has launched the 2009 Tuition Discounting Study, to collect your final data for fall 2008 and preliminary data for fall 2009. The annual survey measures tuition and fee prices, institutional grants, and tuition discounting at 1,407 four-year, private, non-profit colleges and universities.

This year's survey contains several new questions aimed at determining the impact of the economic recession on independent institutions. It asks, for example, about the awarding of need- and non-need-based institutional grants and the funding of institutional grants through endowment income.

The 2009 Tuition Discounting Study Report will be available next spring. With the help of our partners, Exeter and IBM/Cognos, the new data will be used to expand the current Tuition Discounting Benchmarking Tool.

If you are a member at a four-year independent institution and haven't received the invitation to participate in the survey, please contact Santiago Merea.