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Technology and Distance Learning

News File


Business Officer Articles

  • Get Your E -information House in Order (November, 2007)
    Make sure you’re in compliance with new rules that include electronic communication in the legal discovery process.

  • Out With IT (September, 2007)
    To accelerate the overhaul of an aging information technology system, Muskegon Community College turned to an outsourcing provider.

  • Mitigating the Risks of Big Systems (July/August, 2007)
    Consider the Community Source model as a way to blend the economies of off-the-shelf software with the customization advantages of owning the system.

  • Everywhere a Cell Phone (June, 2007)
    As landlines lose favor, coordinate cellular services to reduce costs and connect students to all things on campus.

  • Growing Online  (March, 2007)
    As more institutions explore offering online degrees, those with some history say that you must know and serve your niche.

  • A Whole New U (July, 2006)
    Blogs, podcasts, courseware…Teaching and learning in the 21st century will rely more than ever on these tools. Several institutions discuss how educational technology is changing the classroom experience.

  • Gearing Up for a Techno Transformation (May, 2006)
    EDUCAUSE’s Diana Oblinger and Richard Katz speculate on the changes that await campuses in the next 10 years and beyond.

Distance Education and Technology Resources

For technology resources pertaining to legislation, cybersecurity and privacy, visit the technology page in the business section.