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NCSE Frequently Asked Questions

How do I purchase the NCSE final report?

The NCSE report is an online products that can be purchased through NACUBO's online bookstore or by phone at 202.861.2500. The purchase price for NACUBO members is $250 and $1,000 for non-members. The online product provides instant access to all Study results, including an executive summary. Please note that all staff at participating institutions and Study sponsors have complimentary access to the final report. If you are a Study participant or sponsor and have NOT yet received online access to the report, please contact the NCSE help desk.

Can I preview some of the tables before purchasing the NCSE?

Yes. Please refer to the tables available to the public on the Public NCSE Tables page. These tables include a listing of participants by total endowment market value; average and median annual investment rates of return for the past ten years; rates for return for the past one-, three-, five-, and ten-year periods by endowment size and institution type; average asset allocations by endowment size and institution type for the most recent year; and average annual spending rates by endowment size and institution type for the past ten years.

Will I have access to information about investment managers?

No contact information for institutional or investment fund managers is provided in the NACUBO-Commonfund Study of  Endowments.

How may my institution participate in the next NCSE?

If your college or university participated in the most recent NCSE, you will automatically receive information about the next Study in late summer. Click on the link to learn more about participating in future NCSE surveys.

Is there any institutionally specific data available in the most recent NCSE report?

LIke most national surveys, the NCSE is governed by a strict confidentiality policy. This policy states that under no circumstances can schools' individually identifiable data be released for research or other purposes (with the exception of schools' endowment assets, which are posted on our website).  If you need further details, please contact the NCSE staff

How can I compare my institution’s data to other Study participants?

Our Online Benchmarking Tool is designed to allow Study participants to compare their investment rates of return, asset allocations, and spending rates with national averages and self-selected peer groups. Please go to the Benchmarking Tool page for more information. Please contact the NCSE help desk for additional information.

My company is interested in becoming an NCSE sponsor. How do we do this?

Learn more about sponsoring the NCSE. View the sponsors of the most recent NCSE.

I don't see the answer to my question here.

If you need further assistance with the NACUBO-Commonfund Study of Endowments, please contact the NACUBO Endowment Study staff.