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NACUBO Subscription Services

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A Guide to Managing Federal Grants for Colleges and Universities
is an easy-to-use service that will save you valuable time and money in your management of federal grant funds. Managing sponsored programs effectively has never been more challenging … and with today's tight budgets it has never been more important. The challenges you face on campus now are technological, administrative, and regulatory. The pace of change from Washington — new regulations, new policies, new interpretations of existing policies, changes to circulars, mandatory education programs ... not to mention the government's and agencies' move towards the electronic grant process — is accelerating at a dizzying rate.

Keep the changing federal grants picture in focus with campus-wide access to the regularly updated, subscriber-only Web site, printed appendix documents, Federal Grants News for Colleges and Universities monthly newsletter, Federal Agency Daily updates on the Web site, and Federal Agency Weekly e-mail alerts.

Member: $486
Non-Member: $586

Federal Tax Issues

A Guide to Federal Tax Issues for Colleges and Universities
gives you one reliable place to turn for up-to-date information on IRS compliance. You'll save valuable time and resources using our sample forms, checklists, and other practical tools … and you'll be able to structure your IRS compliance correctly, reducing your institution's potential liability.

The IRS Exempt Organizations division is initiating a wide range of new efforts to increase compliance in the tax-exempt community. And there are a host of new challenges for colleges and universities. Getting the right answers to your tax questions will limit your institution's tax liability.

A subscription includes the interactive web tool, IRS Form 990: Commentary, Form, and Instructions.

This service includes online access to 19 sections of guidance and Web tools, plus monthly Federal Tax News newsletters for one year.

Member: $495
Non-Member: $645