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2011 Tuition Discounting Study Report

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The annual NACUBO Tuition Discounting Study (TDS) measures tuition discount rates and other indicators of institutional grant awards to freshmen and undergraduates attending four-year private, nonprofit (independent) colleges and universities.

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Distance Learning. Tune into the webcast, "Net Tuition Revenue, Price and Enrollment: How Can You Achieve Balance?" The May 11 session will provide participants with an in-depth examination of the survey, its results and the implications for all institutions concerned with discount rate strategies. Attending this webcast offers important information about the relationship between the discount rate, enrollment, and price and learn how to bring balance to each component. Register now.
Read. Download a complimentary copy of, College Tuition and Fees at Independent Institutions: The Real Facts, a Perspectives white paper released in 2010 by James L. Doti. He offers his opinion on why traditional measures that compare rising college costs with the rate of inflation not only misrepresent the facts but also perpetuate the belief that all postsecondary institutions generally, and independent colleges and universities specifically, are actively engaged in pricing strategies that make higher education increasingly unaffordable. His discussion advocates for a more careful analysis of pricing trends that takes into account the rapidly rising amounts of institutional grants awarded by independent colleges and universities.