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Business Officer Magazine - Innovation Issue (July/August 2013)

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We in higher education are always exploring new options and seeking better ways to provide what our students need, even though the casual observer may think we are resistant to change. Now, however, the pace of discovery and transformation on our campuses is clearly accelerating. At the same time, a confluence of external forces—changing expectations of our graduates, for example, not to mention the reality of some five years of the recession era’s constrained resources—is exerting additional pressure.
This clash of economic crisis and educational demand has served as a stimulant for innovation. In the midst of some of the worst economic conditions most of us are likely ever to experience, we have also witnessed remarkable evolution in what we teach and how we teach it.
To place in a broader context the critical need for colleges and universities to keep pace with influential trends, Business Officer devotes this single-theme issue to exploring five major forces that continue to drive innovations in our community.
The issue is organized around what are labeled drivers of innovation: Changing Curricular Needs; Stretching Campus Boundaries; Global Challenges; Public Perception; and Changing Demographics.