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Membership and Community
Membership and Community

Research Universities Roundtable Discussions

May 2009 - The NACUBO Research Universities Council hosted two roundtable discussions for chief business officers from similar institutions. Michael Gower, Vice President, Business Affairs and Chief Financial Officer at Yeshiva University, facilitated the discussion. The following topics were discussed:

  • Federal Stimulus Package
    • Clarifying regulations and reporting
    • Concerns about auditing, accountability, reporting
    • Planning for short-term infusion of money
    • Limitations to spending? What are allowable expenses
    • Upfront costs
    • How do you gear up a research program
    • How segregated do you have to be?
    • Concerns around funding coming directly from NSF/NIH
    • Concerns around funding coming from the state
    • Types of stimulus projects?
    • Extra staffing needed to adhere to reporting requirements?
  • Underwater Endowments
    • Payout rates
    • Strategies
    • UPMIFA
  • Salary Policies
  • Donor Relations
  • F&A Negotiations