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Membership and Community

Rising Star Award

Nomination Requirements

Purpose: The NACUBO Rising Star Award identifies future leaders in higher education -- up-and-coming individuals in the areas of finance, administration, and business known for their innovative, meaningful contributions to the improvement of their profession and the efficiency of their institution.

Nomination Process: The Awards Council seeks annual nominations for this award from the higher education community.

Nominations should include a 300-word summary that documents the demonstration of successful leadership in one or more of the following areas:

  • promoting and enhancing business practices,
  • organizational development,
  • institutional effectiveness,
  • institutional productivity that leads to improvement,
  • technology and infrastructure management.

A maximum of three awards may be recommended annually. The recipients are selected in the spring with the presentation of the award to occur during the NACUBO Annual Meeting.

Selection Criteria: Nominee must be employed at a NACUBO member institution; must be in a higher education leadership position in finance, administration, or business, but has not yet reached the chief business or financial officer level (should be a direct report to a vice president or similar executive position); must be nominated for the Rising Star Award by the institution's chief financial officer, chief business officer, or president.

The 300-word summary should be organized under the areas below, addressing the comments or questions within each. NACUBO must receive two copies of the summary.

  • Responsibility: What area(s) of operation is the nominee responsible for at his or her institution? Did the scope of leadership responsibilities go beyond this area?
  • Leadership: Describe the leadership characteristics that have proven to be instrumental for the nominee's success.
  • Core Changes: What core changes occurred at the institution because of the nominee's leadership? Has the nominee been able to continue to advance the changes that occurred at the institution? If any institutional changes occurred that were not initially anticipated, how has the nominee been instrumental in managing them?

The Awards Council may request other supporting material, which may include but is not limited to: charts or audiovisual materials, planning documents, newsletters, board minutes and other articles.

Nature of Award: An inscribed award, suitable for display. Recipients also receive a scholarship to a NACUBO seminar of choice.

Promotion of Award: An annual publicity campaign to provide maximum visibility to the program, including coverage in Business Officer magazine.

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2017 Award Recipients

Past Recipients

Jeffrey M. Ratje - University of Arizona

Jennifer Chambers - Portland State University, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Melody S. Bianchetto - The University of Virginia
Jean Vock - University of Arizona, Eller College of Management

Danillo Castillo - Florida International University
Tom Richards - University of Missouri System

MaryKaye Bailey - College of Southern Nevada
Lynn Rehn - University of Maryland, Balitmore County

Mark McGurk - University of Arizona

Russ Hannah - Arkansas State University
James Matteo - University of Virginia

Award not presented

Deborah Adishian-Astone - California State University, Fresno
Jose Carlos Hernandez - University of Texas at El Paso

Steven J. Bridges - University of Southern Indiana
Mary LaGrange - University of Nebraska - Lincoln

Kathy Kamm Elliott - Oklahoma State Univesity Main Campus
Matthew P. Orlando - Hamilton College

R. Gavin Leach - Northern Michigan University
Elizabeth N. Martinez - Texas A&M International University

David W. Bea - Claremont University Consortium
Lallah M. Howard - Texas A&M University

Jacalyn A. Askin - Pima County Community District
Nim Chinniah - Vanderbilt University

Diana Kuhlmann - Emporia State University
Mitzi Money - Texas A&M University-Commerce

Edward M. DesPlas - Dallas County Community College District
Leslie A. Fehrenbach - Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey

Donald Ortega - University of Southern Colorado
Daniel J. Rodas - Duke University