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Membership and Community
Membership and Community

Community Colleges Roundtable Discussion - Session 2

May 19 2009 - The NACUBO Community Colleges Council hosted a roundtable discussion for chief business officers from similar institutions. James (Jim) Lantz, Vice President, Administrative Services at Montcalm Community College in Sidney, MI, facilitated the discussion. The following topics were discussed:

  • Labor union relations and negotiations
  • External political issues - how are you working with outside constituents, legislators, etc. to communicate the budget/finance issues at your institution?
  • Class sizes - are you considering changes in this area to address budget concerns?
  • How are you addressing faculty production and compensation?
  • How are your community services changing because of the economic downturn?
  • What can community colleges do to work better with their foundations and ask for more monies to address some of the financial issues at their institution?
  • Given increased enrollments, have some institutions considered changes to their admission policies?