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Electronic Payee Statements Temporary Rules

Federal Register, February 14, 2001, Page 10191


Internal Revenue Service


Temporary regulations.


This document contains temporary regulations under sections 6041 and 6051 relating to the voluntary electronic furnishing of payee statements on Forms W-2, "Wage and Tax Statement,'' and under section 6050S relating to the voluntary electronic furnishing of statements to individuals for whom Forms 1098-T, "Tuition Payments Statement,'' and Forms 1098-E, "Student Loan Interest Statement,'' are filed. The regulations will affect persons required by the foregoing Internal Revenue Code sections to furnish these statements (furnishers) who wish to furnish these statements electronically. The regulations will also affect individuals, principally employees, students, and borrowers (recipients), who consent to receive these statements electronically. The text of the temporary regulations also serves as the text of the proposed regulations set forth in the notice of proposed rulemaking on this subject in the Proposed Rules section of this issue of the Federal Register. The temporary regulations do not affect the requirement to file copy A of Forms W-2 with the Social Security Administration or the requirement to file Forms 1098-T or Forms 1098-E with the IRS.


These regulations are effective February 14, 2001. These regulations apply to statements to recipients required to be furnished under sections 6041(d), 6050S(d), and 6051 after December 31, 2000.

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