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ED: Gainful Employment New Programs Final Rules

Federal Register, October 29, 2010, Page 66665-66677


Office of Postsecondary Education, Department of Education


Final regulations


The Secretary amends the regulations for Institutional Eligibility Under the Higher Education Act of 1965, as amended (HEA), to establish a

process under which an institution applies for approval to offer an educational program that leads to gainful employment in a recognized



These regulations are effective July 1, 2011. However, affected parties do not have to comply with the information collection requirements in § 600.20(d) until the Department of Education publishes in the Federal Register the control number assigned by the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) to these information collection requirements. Publication of the control number notifies the public that OMB has approved these information collection requirements under the Paperwork Reduction Act of 1995.

Further Information

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