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Appendix to Chemical Facility Anti-Terrorism Standards; Final Rule

Federal Register, November 20, 2007, Page 65395-65435


Department of Homeland Security


Final Rule.


This final rule revises the list of chemicals of interest, or COI, which the Department of Homeland Security (DHS or the Department) included as Appendix A to the Chemical Facility Anti-Terrorism Standards Interim Final Rule. Appendix A lists chemicals of interest and screening threshold quantities, or STQs. Any facility that possesses (or later comes into possession of) the listed chemicals in quantities that meet or exceed the STQ for any applicable security issue must complete and submit a Top-Screen. This will assist the Department in determining whether a facility presents a high level of security risk.    In this final rule, DHS, among other things: (i) Adjusts the STQs for certain COI; (ii) defines the specific security issue or issues implicated by each chemical of interest, and in some cases, establishes different STQs for COI based upon the security issue presented; and (iii) adds provisions that instruct facilities on how to calculate the quantities of COI that they have in their possession.

These refinements to Appendix A will assist the Department in more precisely identifying facilities that may be designated as high risk,
while reducing the burden on facilities that possess chemicals in smaller amounts.


The effective date of Appendix A to part 27, as added on April 9, 2007 (72 FR 17688) and revised by this rule is November 20, 2007. Additionally, the regulations published in this document are effective November 20, 2007. The incorporation by reference of certain publications listed in the rule is approved by the Director of the Federal Register as of November 20, 2007.

Further Information

Marybeth Kelliher, Chemical Security Compliance Division, Department of Homeland Security, 703-235-5263.