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Allowing Eligible Schools To Apply for Preliminary Enrollment in SEVIS; Interim Final Rule

Federal Register, July 1, 2002, Page 44344


Immigration and Naturalization Service, Department of Justice


Interim rule with request for comments.


The Immigration and Naturalization Service (Service), consistent with its statutory authority to regulate foreign students under sections 101(a)(15)(F) and (M) of the Immigration and Nationality Act (Act), will be conducting a review of all Service-approved schools, as a prerequisite for enrollment in the Student and Exchange Visitor Information System (SEVIS). This interim rule will allow eligible schools to preliminarily enroll in SEVIS, beginning on July 1, 2002, provided they meet the established criteria. Eligibility for preliminary enrollment in SEVIS will continue through August 16, 2002. By that date, the Service anticipates publishing a new interim certification rule. When the forthcoming interim certification rule takes effect, the preliminary enrollment period will end and all schools will be required to apply for certification prior to enrollment in SEVIS in accordance with the requirements of that rule.


Effective date. This interim rule is effective July 1, 2002. Comment date: Written comments must be submitted on or before July 31, 2002.


Please submit written comments to the Director, Regulations and Forms Services Division, Immigration and Naturalization Service, 425 I Street, NW, Room 4034, Washington, DC, 20536. To ensure proper handling, please reference INS No. 2211-02 on your correspondence. Comments may also be submitted electronically to the Service at When submitting comments electronically, you must include INS No. 2211-02, in the subject heading, and any attachments must be typed in MS Word format so that the comments can be electronically routed to the appropriate program office.

Further Information

Maura Deadrick, Adjudications Division, Immigration and Naturalization Service, 425 I Street, NW., Room 3040, Washington, DC 20536, telephone (202) 514-3228.