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November 20 Is "Protect Giving Day" in Nation's Capital

November 14, 2013

On November 20, more than 200 nonprofit and charitable sector leaders, including higher education representatives, will be in Washington for "Protect Giving Day." Participants will meet with members of Congress to urge them to protect the American tradition of tax policies that encourage charitable giving. Liz Clark, director, congressional affairs, will represent NACUBO at Protect Giving Day.

Political leaders in Washington, D.C., have moved beyond the federal government shutdown and returned their focus to deficit reduction and tax reform, which could include limitations to the charitable tax deduction. In September, NACUBO organized advocacy days that enabled 27 NACUBO board and constituent council members to express concerns about proposals to limit the charitable deduction, among other higher education concerns and issues, in more than 60 meetings with policymakers on Capitol Hill. NACUBO's talking points on the charitable deduction can be found here.

"Protect Giving Day" was organized by the Charitable Giving Coalition, which provides a unique and unified voice on Capitol Hill on issues affecting the charitable deduction. Its members include a broad cross-section of nonprofit organizations across the country, including the nonprofit organizations themselves as well as the associations and umbrella groups that serve their needs. Formed in 2009, the coalition is dedicated to preserving the charitable giving incentive that ensures our nation's charities receive the funds necessary to fulfill their essential philanthropic missions.

The coalition encourages organizations of all sizes to take action this week locally and on social media to illustrate the value of philanthropy and to protect giving:

  • Editable versions of numerous media documents can be found online at the Charitable Giving Coalition's website.
  • For those who wish to use social media, such as Twitter, please use the hashtag "#protectgiving" in tweets about charitable giving. You can follow the Charitable Giving Coalition on Twitter at "@protectgiving."
  • The coalition is also promoting an online petition to protect the charitable tax deduction at


Liz Clark
Director, Federal Affairs