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Procedures for Processing Refund Payments to VA Simplified Further

March 8, 2012

At a recent meeting with the NACUBO VA Payments Work Group, representatives from the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) reported progress in streamlining procedures for institutional refunds to the agency and clarified VA policies on accepting Post-9/11 GI Bill refund payments. Under the new process, one VA Regional Processing Center now handles all refund payments. Response times are much improved, and while backlogs from previous years still exist, they are being steadily reduced.

As reported in a January 3 article, an institution submitting a refund payment to VA should only do so after receiving a collection letter from the VA's Debt Management Center (DMC). Letters from DMC contain important information on the remittance stub at the bottom of the letter, including the amount owed and the file number for the veteran associated with that debt.

Refund payments may be submitted to VA through the mail with a check, or paid online with an e-check or credit card. If a refund payment is being made through the mail, the remittance stub for that debt must be submitted with the check. The veteran's name and VA file number or Social Security number must be noted on the check. For payments made electronically through, the information from the remittance slip needs to be entered onto the online form. The dollar amount entered must be an exact match to DMC records.  If not, the system will reject the payment.

Institutions may also combine payments for multiple veterans on one check, thus simplifying the refund process. Institutions must ensure, though, that they also submit all remittance stubs associated with that aggregate payment. For example, if an institution is submitting refund payments for 12 veterans, the dollar amount of the check should equal the sum of the amounts indicated on the 12 debt letters. The check, along with the 12 corresponding remittance stubs, would then be mailed to the DMC in Minnesota.

NACUBO's VA Payments Work Group is comprised of representatives from various types of institutions across the country and includes bursars, campus VA certifying officials, and student aid directors. The work group has met several times a year with representatives of the three VA offices involved in implementation of the Post-9/11 GI Bill.

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Anne Gross
Vice President, Regulatory Affairs

Bryan Dickson
Senior Policy Analyst