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Events and Programs
Events and Programs


Sunday, March 10
3:45 PM Leveraging Your Strengths at Work and in Life
Monday, March 11
9:15 AM

Reimagining Aid Design and Delivery

HCM Strategies: College is Worth It   Doing Better for More Students

New America Foundation: Rebalancing Resources and Incentives in Federal Student Aid

Institute for a Competitive Workforce, U.S. Chamber of Commerce:  Redesigning Federal Financial Aid

Reimagining Aid Design and Delivery reports

10:45 AM 1, 2, 3- What Do We See?  Staff Accountability in SFS NEW
10:45 AM Financial Literacy- One Program May Not Fit All
10:45 AM Leveraging Collaboration Between Financial Aid and Student Accounts
1:00 PM Achieving Sustainability Through Green Office Practices
1:00 PM NACUBO’s Post-9/11 GI Bill Benefits Workgroup: A Panel Discussion
1:00 PM Streamlining the SFS Office
2:20 PM It Can Be Done: Improving Organizational Effectiveness and Service Levels
2:20 PM

Six Strategies to Increase Student Retention and Tuition Payments

2:20 PM That'll Never Happen to Us- SFS Data Security Program
4:00 PM Coming Together on the 1098-T
4:00 PM Making Financial Cents Out of International Payments
4:00 PM Stanford University's Student Services Center and AskJane
Tuesday, March 12
8:00 AM Washington Update
9:30 AM Perkins Loan Assignments NEW
9:30 AM SFS Benchmarking Study
9:30 AM The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and Higher Education- What It Means for You
11:00 AM Engaging Parent Support
11:00 AM Make or Buy and the Third-Party Relationship
11:00 AM PCI DSS Compliance- How Ready Are You?