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Distance Learning
Distance Learning

Tips for Phone-Based Presenters

When a presenter cannot be in the studio the day of the program, NACUBO will connect the presenter to the studio via a phone bridge. The presenter's voice can be heard by the participants and the audio runs through the sound board in the studio.

The following are some best practices for presenters connecting to a studio:

  • Be sure to send a hi-resolution color photo prior to the event.  It should be in landscape format (800x600 is optimal).
  • Call in on a land-line (with a headset if possible). Do not use a speakerphone or a cell phone.
  • Mute your phone when not speaking.
  • Do not listen to program via your computer; listen via the phone for a real-time cue.
  • After you are introduced, wait 2-3 seconds before you start presenting.
  • Use a hard copy of the PowerPoint slides while presenting; in case your computer screen freezes.
  • Inform the studio when to push out the next slide in your presentation.
  • Do not hang up after you finish presenting; just return to mute position.


Tadu Yimam
Director, Online Learning