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Distance Learning
Distance Learning

NACUBO Live! 2017 Higher Education Accounting Forum

May 7-9, 2017


Live Broadcast from the 2017 Higher Education Accounting Forum

Join us Sunday - Tuesday, May 7-9 for a live broadcast from the NACUBO 2017 Higher Education Accounting Forum. You'll hear directly from panelists in real-time, earn credits, have the ability to ask questions and have access to the recordings from the selected sessions below. 

Each of the sessions below will be available for on-demand viewing, however only attendees who participate in the live streaming can earn credits. Using the schedule below plan your participation and learning path during this online event. Each individual can earn up to five (5) credits per the list below. 
 GASB Update (earn 1 credit)
 Sunday, May 7 at 4:45 pm ET
NCAA Update (earn 1 credit)
Speaker: Kathleen McNeely, NCAA
 As student athlete health and safety has become a public conversation, hear NCAA initiatives that focus on the protection and well-being of student athletes. Consolidated responses to a related NCAA Division I and II survey will be covered and appropriate next steps will be discussed. The NCAA catastrophic injury insurance program will be explained and structures that allow autonomous decisions on injuries and playing status, concussions, mental health and specific areas of focus for various sports will be emphasized.
Applicable to either private or or public institutions.
Monday, May 8
(two concurrent sessions are available)
Watch one of the two sessions below at 11:20 am ET
 FASB Update (earn 1 credit)
Speakers: Rick Cole and Jeffrey Mechanick, FASB
Hear the latest developments in U.S. GAAP affecting NFPs, including recently issued standards (ASUs), newly effective ASUs, and FASB projects in process. Presenters will focus on areas of interest to colleges and universities such as grants and contracts, new liquidity disclosures, internal development costs in a cloud computing environment, leasing, and more.
Geared toward private NFP institutions or public institutions with a NFP affiliated foundation.
GASB Update (earn 1 credit)
Speakers: David Bean, GASB
Pull back the due process curtain and see what lies ahead. This session will explore OPEB, fiduciary activities, the long-term evaluation of landmark Statement 34, thoughts on an operating measure for BTAs, financial statement disclosures, and more.
Geared toward public institutions.
Watch one of the sessions below at 4:30 pm ET
Implementing FASB’s NFP Reporting Changes (earn 1.5 credits)
Speakers: Lou Mezzina, KPMG, John Kroll, and Dale Larson
Hear how a large and a small institution are implementing ASU 2016-14 this fiscal year! Each institution will reveal how they are using the ASU’s intended flexibility to tell their story. Special emphasis will be placed on effort and managing the change, net asset display and related disclosures, internal designations and related disclosures, liquidity disclosures, operating measure considerations, cross-walking expenses, trustee communication, and more.
Geared toward private NFP institutions or public institutions with a NFP affiliated foundation.
 Boise State's Journey to the Cloud (earn 1.5 credits)
Speakers: Jo Ellen DiNucci, Boise State University
Benefit from the lessons Boise State University learned through migration to Oracle's ERP Cloud. Hear how a complex public university successfully migrated mission critical administrative systems to a “Cloud Solution” A cloud project is more functional than technical and business officers need be ready to lead. Presenters discuss the cultural shift that a cloud approach brings, revised implementation methodologies, and building a sustainable infrastructure.
Applicable to either private or public institutions.
 Tuesday, May 9 at 9:00 am ET
General Session: Cyber Security - FBI and Higher Ed Perspectives (earn 1.5 credits)
Speakers: Todd Carroll, FBI; J. Ariel Feldman, Faculty, University of Chicago; Lou Mezzina, KPMG
In an increasingly complex campus technology environment, compounded by decentralized management, student information, and unknown personal devices, higher education must protect its core systems and networks from service disruption, malfeasance, theft, and damage. Panelists draw on their experience – FBI and cutting edge research.
Applicable to either private or public institutions.
Please note: the recordings below will be complimentary to attendees of the program in Austin.


Five additional recordings will be available May 23 (no credits available for recordings):
  1. General Session: Proactive Communication to Different Audiences
  2. Workday Cloud Migration 
  3. General Session: Enterprise Risk Management 
  4. Analytics to Predict Student Enrollment, Retention and Success 
  5. Tax Update

What You Will Learn

  • Demonstrate an awareness of preferred industry practice.
  • Recognize how Federal legislative issues will impact the business office.
  • Collect insights about new accounting guidance on the horizon.

Who Should Attend    

  • Chief Business/Finance Officers
  • Controllers
  • Accountants
  • Associate Vice Presidents
  • Budget Directors or Managers
  • Budget Managers
  • Planning Officers
  • Business office staff

Course Information

  • Course Level: Intermediate
  • Course Type:  Internet based training
  • CPE Field of Study: Accounting
  • Length: Five and a half hours
  • Prerequisites: none
  • CPE Credits: Five (5) credits are available. Please note: to earn CPEs each person must register individually participate in polling/checkpoints and complete the evaluation.


Member Registration Fee: $159.00
Non-Member Registration Fee: $300.00