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Episode 5: Introducing the Economic Models Project with Bob Shea & Jackie Askin

Introducing the Economic Models Project with NACUBO's Bob Shea & Jackie Askin

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Two years ago, the NACUBO board authorized the Economic Models Project in an effort to address the issues facing higher education business models. Higher education continues to suffer in the strategic communications conversation in the media. From cost of education to endowment and fundraising, state participation to ever-evolving pedagogies and inflating program rosters, critics offer an unbalanced perspective on the value proposition offered by our institutions in the eyes of our shared constituencies.

Today on NACUBO In Brief, NACUBO’s Bob Shea and Jackie Askin join us to introduce us to the Economic Models Project, and give us clear picture of why NACUBO has chosen take a leadership role in this initiative to bring leaders and stakeholders together with the right data to tackle some of the biggest challenges facing our institutions.

 Jackie_Askin                                                  Bob Shea
Jacalyn Askin, PhD
Higher Education Economic Models Project Manager

Bob Shea
Senior Fellow, Finance and Campus Management

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