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NACUBO in brief logo What economic trends today will set the stage for the future? How will legislative actions impact student financial aid? Are accounting or reporting changes on the horizon? Navigating the business of higher education institutions is a tremendous effort and requires knowledge about a variety of issues from finance to campus security. In this podcast series, hear colleagues, experts, and industry leaders explore issues, provide best practices, offer solutions to new questions that may not have been asked before, and think through how recent developments will shape their institutions in the months and years ahead.

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Episode 22: NACUBO and EDUCAUSE Supporting a Fair and Open Internet
Released July 24, 2017
Jarrett Cummings, EDUCAUSE and Megan Scheider, NACUBO
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Episode 21: Unpacking the 2016 Tuition Discounting Study
Released May 15, 2017
Lesley McBain and Lindsay Wayt, NACUBO
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Episode 20: Augsburg College and their Shared Services Journey
Released March 7, 2017
Beth Reissenweber, Augsburg College
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Episode 19: The Federal Impact on Charitable Giving: An Exercise in Uncertainty
Released Feb. 21, 2017
Bronte Burleigh-Jones, Dickinson College and Liz Clark, NACUBO
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Episode 18: Taking Action on Energy Impact at University of Washington with Policy Analyst Roel Hammerschlag
Released Feb. 7, 2017
Roel Hammerschlag, Hammerschlag & Co. LLC
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Episode 17: NACUBO's Ken Redd Returns with the Latest on Higher Ed Endowments & the 2016 NCSE Results
Released Jan. 31, 2017
Ken Redd, NACUBO 
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Episode 16: How Will Incoming Political Leadership Impact CBOs? NACUBO's Megan Schneider Has Details!
Released Dec.12, 2016
Megan Scheider, NACUBO
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Episode 15: Announcing the 2016 Chief Business Officer Profile Report
Released July 7, 2016
Marta Perez-Drake and Lesley McBain, NACUBO
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Episode 14: Social Sentinel's Gary Margolis Helps Students, Schools Stay Safe Online
Released June 23, 2016
Gary Margolis, Social Sentinel
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Episode 13: Examining the Results of the NACUBO 2015 Tuition Discounting Study
Released May 15, 2016
Kenn Redd and Lesley McBain, NACUBO
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Episode 12: Futurist Bryan Alexander on Trends, Innovation and Hope
Released March 10, 2016
Bryan Alexander,
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Episode 11: Sustainable Performance Improvement at UC Irvine
Released Feb. 25, 2016
Wendell C. Brase, University of California, Irvine
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Episode 10: The ROI of Smart Sustainability
Released Feb. 11, 2016
Fred Rogers, Carleton College
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Episode 9: Explaining College and University Endowments
Released Jan. 27, 2016
Ken Redd, NACUBO
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Episode 8: University of Washington's Transforming Administration to Support the Academic Mission
Released Jan. 14, 2016
Ruth A. Johnston, University of Washington
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Episode 7: Rundown of 2016 Federal Budget Changes
Released Dec. 21, 2015
Liz Clark, NACUBO
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Episode 6: The Role of Faculty in Economic Sustainability
Released Dec. 17, 2015
Audrey Bilger, Claremont Mckenna College
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Episode 5: Introducing the Economic Models Project
Released Dec. 9, 2015
Jackie Askin and Bob Shea, NACUBO
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Episode 4: How the FASB Not-for-Profit Proposal May Impact You
Released Nov. 24, 2015
Sue Menditto, NACUBO
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Episode 3: EMV Migration and Beyond
Released Nov. 24, 2015
Randy Vanderhoof, Smart Card Alliance and EMV Migration Forum
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Episode 2: Transforming Purchasing Culture & Technology
Released Nov. 12, 2015
Lauralea Edwards, Washington State University
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Episode 1: Cash Management and Student-First Banking
Released Nov. 12, 2015
Anne Gross, NACUBO and Joan Piscitello, Iowa State University
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Each episode of the NACUBO podcast series - NACUBO In Brief is hosted and produced by Megan Strand and Pete Wright of Rash Pixel.