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Distance Learning

Episode 29: Susan Maddux

CBO Susan Maddux Drives Change in the Face of Complexity at Presbyterian College

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Susan Maddux
Vice President for Administration and Finance
Presbyterian College

In her role as vice president for administration and finance at Presbyterian College, Susan Maddux practices both the skill, and the art of the CBO.

“When I first entered the profession it was much more about crunching the numbers and giving presentations to the board of trustees and making sure the budget got balanced, and now it is much more relationship driven,” she says. “When I first started, it was much more black and white than it is today.”

This week on CBO Speaks, Maddux shares her journey into the role, including her experience in public accounting, and how that experience has shaped her work at PC. For aspiring CBOs, she offers sage advice for growing the right skills to build relationships crucial to success in our field.