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Distance Learning
Distance Learning

Episode 23: Randy Gentzler

Loyola University Maryland CBO Randy Gentzler on Building Financial Bench Strength in Future Leaders

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Randy GentzlerRandy Gentzler
Vice President for Finance and Treasurer
Loyola University of Maryland

Randy Gentzler serves as vice president for finance and administration at Loyola University Maryland today, but higher education has never let him stray too far. After a career in higher ed finance starting on the accounting track straight out of college, he counts the variety of roles in higher education and strong mentor relationships as the keys to his success as a CBO.

As a mentor himself today, Gentzler notes what he’s looking for in a mentee. “I’m looking for a broad thinker, technically competent, I want somebody who wants my job. It’s important to our profession and our industry that we are preparing individuals to take over our roles as we move forward.”

Gentzler shares his excitement for new projects that propel his institution forward, from new technology, procurement systems, and new tools to help collect and use financial data to tell the story of his institution more effectively. His enthusiasm is infectious — join us today and learn from a best-in-class CBO at work!