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Distance Learning
Distance Learning

Episode 20: Ed Kania

Davidson CBO Ed Kania on Serendipity, Mentorship, and Growing into Higher Education

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Edward Kania
Vice President for Finance and Administration
Davidson College

Vice President for Finance and Administration for Davidson College Ed Kania landed in higher ed thanks to the luck of the economic downturn. Knowing nothing of higher education offered him the benefit of a new view, and awareness of the state of infrastructure of his new institution along with the opportunities for growth and improvement therein.

“People skills were extremely important. My department had poor relationships across the entire campus. At the same time, people made the assumption that because you were a CPA, all you cared about was money. They didn’t understand that CPA’s are multi-dimensional people.” Engagement to challenge these early assumptions was key in becoming a partner as CBO, Kania says.

This week on the show, Kania shares his hard-won lessons in driving community in administration, listening, and patience, and offers guidance for CBOs new and seasoned alike in building their own partnerships in leadership.