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Distance Learning
Distance Learning

Episode 1: Nim Chinniah

Collaboration and Breaking down Campus Silos with
Northwestern University's Nim Chinniah

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Nim ChinniahNim Chinniah's new role as executive vice president and chief operating officer at Northwestern University is broad in scope and scale. This week on CBO Speaks, Nim joins us to talk about the critical importance of partnership across the business office and the office of the provost. He's worked hard to break down silos and offers his insight into creating a more fluid, cross-institutional practice of collaboration in cultivating growth and success at Northwestern.

On My Desk Right Now:
"The Fabulous Future?: America and the World in 2040," by Morson and Schapiro
What I do when I'm not at work:
Spend time with my 10 year old daughter . . . my pride and joy
My Media Mix:
WSJ, NY Times, Homeland, House of Cards
If I weren't a CBO I'd be:
A Chef - I have always wanted to go through culinary training
Favorite Quote:
"Get on that plane and treat each day as a new adventure." My father, as we stood at the Sri Lankan airport as I was leaving for the U.S. in 1987.

Nim Chinniah
Executive Vice President
Northwestern University