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Distance Learning
Distance Learning

Episode 17: Connie Kanter

Seattle U. CBO Connie Kanter on Building a Career around Asking the Right Questions

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ConnieKanterConnie Kanter
Chief Financial Officer / Vice President of Finance and Business Affairs
Seattle University

CBO Connie Kanter knows something about rapid innovation. In fact, her role at Seattle U. is her first role in education after a career in a high tech start-up. “You have to roll your shirt sleeves up and everybody does everything. You’re living in a constrained environment.” That the rules of finance in a start-up are so similar to the rules of finance in higher education are where the parallels begin.

Kanter shares her insights into working as a CBO with an inclination toward curiosity, to asking the right questions and inviting the right participants to the table with facing difficult challenges.

The story of engagement at Seattle U is a model for others toward building strong relationships across the aisles. Join us!