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Distance Learning
Distance Learning

NACUBO Distance Learning Studio

Why Webcast?

Webcasting is a great tool for any organization to deliver a precisely controlled message to a virtually unlimited audience. We have all seen the data that shows people retain ten percent of what they read, twenty percent of what they hear, thirty percent of what they see, and fifty percent of what they both see and hear. With a studio-originated video Webcast you can now create powerful rich media productions that will resonate with your audience, enable you to achieve your business goals, and realize your ROI.

  • New source of revenue
  • Lower costs
  • Accelerated time cycle to market

NACUBO uses an industry-leading webcast platform to deliver high quality events from our NACUBO studio, conveniently located in downtown Washington, DC.

NACUBO has been working with organizations in the metropolitan Washington, DC area to deliver high quality video webcasts for seven years.

The NACUBO Distance Learning Studio is a professional broadcast facility that brings high production value to your participants and offers broadcast-quality audio and video, delivered over the Internet.

The dynamic production environment created ensures consistent, high-quality content in live or on-demand formats.

  • Full-production facility (does not include professional studio direction and engineering support).
  • Broadcast-quality web cameras
  • Live or recorded events and podcasts
  • Hourly, full day or half-day rental

The main presentation is directed from our custom-designed multimedia presenter workstations. The monitor shows the live feed that is being broadcast and allows the presenters to communicate with other presenters at remote locations.

What would a studio be without the "Green Room?" NACUBO offers those parties that are not to be on camera, or any guests, an opportunity to relax in the Green Room and watch the live video feed. The entire room is sound proof so that there are no disturbances or interruptions.

Our webcast studio is sponsored by:

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Tadu Yimam
Director, Online Learning