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Distance Learning
Distance Learning

Distance Learning FAQs

What is a Webcast?

NACUBO's Distance Learning events are interactive seminars that enable participants to benefit from the advice of nationally recognized experts in a low-cost manner that minimizes disruption to your work activities. Using the latest technology, attendees participate in a live learning event delivered over the internet. All distance learning events offer a virtual, highly interactive experience.

A live webcast is a live audiovisual broadcast of an event that is digitized and streamed over the world wide web. The webcast tool is uses a live audio/video stream to enhance the level of interaction. All that you need to participate is internet access and a computer with a standard web-browser, a sound card, and speakers. If you are participating with others on your campus, you may want to schedule a conference and hook up a data projector for easier group viewing.

What technology requirements do I need to get set-up?

  • Google Chrome (download here)
  • Windows Media Player or Real Player (current version)
  • Macromedia Flash Player
  • Macromedia Shockwave Player
  • NO Pop-up Blockers Enabled

What do I do if I do not meet the requirements?

To successfully view this program you must first launch the SYSTEM DIAGNOSTIC in order to ensure that you have an optimal experience. This will check your machine and connectivity to ensure all systems are ready to go. We recommend that you complete this step as soon as possible, in case you require technical assistance, but no later than 24 hours before the event.

Be sure to test the machine that will be used for the event if you are using a remote computer in a conference room.

How do I register for a NACUBO Distance Learning Event?

  • Through the Web: Please go to our Distance Leaning page. This will take you to our web store where you can use a credit card to pay for and register for the audio conference.

NOTE: NACUBO does not accept mail in registration forms.

Now that I am registered via the Internet, what happens next before the webcast?

You will receive a confirming e-mail from NACUBO letting you know that you are registered for the event and it will provide you with further login details. If you have questions about this information, please feel free to call NACUBO at 1-800-462-4916.

Will there be any handout materials?

The presentation slides will be made available as a PDF document. For most presentations, slides will be available the day of the program. Once you are logged-in through My NACUBO, select Webcasts and Virtual Conferences and select the program you plan to view. The presentation slides and additional resource documents (if any) will be listed.

What is a connection license and how can I get the most value out of my registration fee?

Your registration fee pays for one individual to participate in the webcast. Some people choose to participate on their own as they work or eat lunch. Others choose to share the experience with their co-workers or staff from across campus by booking a conference room in advance and gathering a team to participate. The more people that participate in the event, the lower the cost per person. However, if you participate in a group only the individual registrant can earn continuing professional education credits. Watch the tutorial to learn how to obtain webcast CPEs.

What if I can no longer attend the webcast?

Requests for cancellation of registration must be made by the registrant in writing via fax to 202.296.1592 or e-mail to If the cancellation request is submitted by someone other than the registrant, the request must be submitted via e-mail only, and the registrant(s) must be copied on the e-mail. All sales are final for live webcasts and no refunds will be issued. 

What is the best method of setting up for a group?

Since this event has a visual component delivered over the internet you might want to consider utilizing a conference room and an LCD projector. This way you will be able to hook up a computer that is internet connected to the projector and everyone can easily view the conference. Be sure that your speakers are adequate for the room that you choose. Some campuses may already have special conference rooms that are already equipped with the audio/video and computer setup. This type of setup should also have tech support to ensure that your event will go smoothly. It is a good idea to test run the system prior to the live event.

How do I get on-line for the event?

Once you have registered for the event you will receive a confirmation e-mail that includes the login information that you will need to participate.

NOTE: It is very common for a representative to register for another individual or a group of individuals. The correspondence from NACUBO is sent to the e-mail address that is listed on the registration form. E-mails will often contain information for the participants to link to the web-based courses. If someone other than the registered participant will be taking part in this event, make sure that all correspondence from NACUBO is shared with everyone who is participating so that it will be easily accessible on the day of the event.

How is the learning experience designed? What should I expect?

NACUBO staff, working with top subject matter experts (SMEs), design content, graphics and activities that optimize learning in the short time available. The content covered determines how the presentation is organized and what level of audience participation is required.

How do I ask a question?

There is an online tool that allows each site to ask questions at any time. The questions are queued and may be answered by an SME or the presenter.

If I want to share the content of the webcast, will there be any aftermarket product I can buy?

Yes, NACUBO will typically offer the event in an archived format online. Some information on these products will be offered at the end of the event and will also be available on NACUBO's web site shortly after an event. Stay tuned!

How will the web-based event be evaluated? How can I give feedback?

There are some evaluation tools that are built into the presentation tool. NACUBO will also email conference participants an electronic evaluation after the event. It is very important for us to receive your input and feedback so that we can continue to offer quality distance learning programs. Filling out the evaluation will only take a few moments of your time and is greatly appreciated.

If you have any other questions or concerns about NACUBO distance learning events, please feel free to call NACUBO's Professional Development (PD) team at 1-800-462-4916 or send us an e-mail.